About Me  
I am passionate for supporting children going through difficult times and seeing them grow as
individuals through the gentle and safe contained process of non-directive play therapy.  

I began my counselling training in 2007 through the University of Nottingham and completed
my BA (Hons) in Humanistic Counselling in 2010. By 2011 I began my Post Graduate training in
Play Therapy and qualified in 2014. 

I volunteered for four years with an organisation supporting adults and young people dealing
with abuse. I also spent a year with a charity supporting bereaved children which inspired me
to undergo my MA researching support for children bereaved by a parent/carer taking their own life.  

After graduating I was offered the opportunity to work in a primary school in Nottingham providing child counselling, and later play therapy upon completing my Post Graduate Diploma. I have over 1,235 hours experience of supporting children aged 5-11 in one-to-one sessions using non-directive counselling and play therapy. I also have undertaken over 3,247 sessions supporting children at a drop-in service which I facilitated in school. After working in the education system for 6 years and gaining much experience, I decide it was time to launch POW! Play Therapy and to branch out helping other people in the Midlands.  
After my time spent supporting parents in a non-counselling relationship e.g. signposting and coming up with solutions with them, I realised I wanted to undergo further training so I could bridge the gap between parent(s)/carer(s) and their child(ren). I am very excited to be able to offer a comprehensive and manageable parent-child attachment play support service to aid in the building of stronger relationships.  

Liana Cunliffe portrait
Liana is so kind & caring with the children, always open & ready to help. Personally, given me articles & information to read giving me ways to help children in my class. – Class Teacher  

It has given children in class some 1-1 time to talk through their problems – I struggle to find the time in class. – Class Teacher 
Every school should have someone like you! You always remain professional and you are consistent and reliable. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job! – Class Teacher 
To Liana 
You are good at solving mine and everyone else’s problems. Thank you so much. - School Child Year 4 
Liana is good because she helps you with your situations and helps you through it. - School Child Year 6 
Liana is good because you can talk to someone when you are lonely and Liana helps you with problems. - School Child Year 6 
You were consistent and kept me informed. Thank you for taking care of my child and helping. You made a difference. - Parent  

Liana Cunliffe Testimonial