Parent-Child Attachment Play 
PCAP (Parent-Child Attachment Play) offers parent(s)/carer(s) support by introducing three skills that can be learnt and applied in the home, using a mini play kit, with their child/ren to improve relationships between child/ren and parent(s)/carer(s).  

The parent(s)/carer(s) will work alongside a caring and trained professional to learn three skills.
   Skill 1 Child-led play 

   Skill 2 Containment 

   Skill 3 Reflective functioning (attachment) 

When these skills have been shown by the play therapist and practiced by the parent, the parent will be ready to go into their home and create a special playtime with their child for 20-30 minutes a week, with the therapist giving support after each playtime, until everything is going in a satisfactory manner. At this point a discussion can take place around transferring the skills into other problematic areas of home life. Want to know more? Request an information pack.