Further Information for Parent/Carer 
It may feel sometimes difficult, frustrating, tiresome and upsetting when seeing or dealing with your child over a situation such as divorce, bereavement or witnessing domestic violence, etc. You may not know where to turn, or you may have tried many strategies before and not come up with a desired outcome.  
You may be experiencing struggles with your child that can be hard to pin point, or you may even be fully aware what could be the cause behind their behaviour. It can be very difficult for a child, even if the child is articulate, to fully express and grasp what is causing them distress.  
In our assessment, together we can explore what your main concerns are for your child and your goals. It may be that child does not need play therapy, and if so I can suggest a referral or other appropriate support.  
Together we can work on a solution for you and your child to get back on track.  
You can find out more about play therapy and parent-child attachment play by clicking here and requesting your free, no hassle, information pack.